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08/09/2014 16:10
06/09/2014 14:18
The sun is out the ladies are ready and the bowls begin 
03/09/2014 05:55
Please note this game has been moved to Saturday at 4pm Rugby Friday night against buffs at 6pm semi final game. Saturday and Sunday the ladies spring bowls tournament next weekend we have the mens bowls classic.  
30/08/2014 10:39
EVoid lifts the roof at old boys with a great sound and croud the night was a party in the rain that could not be stopped.
26/08/2014 21:18
22/08/2014 01:10
It’s the final that everybody was hoping for as Old Selbornians battle it out with Police in a dream Flya Tournament finale. While on the under card of the tourney, Breakers will go head to head with Swallows.   Its battle royal for this lucrative tournament that have a breakdown of...
09/08/2014 15:17
Watch this spot for more images of this day,
18/06/2014 17:30
17/06/2014 05:43
OLD SELBORNIAN CLUB     Telephone P.O Box 973 043 - 721 0388 East London 5200   21/05/2014     ATT: ALL MEMBERS     Dear Members   We have implemented a new point of sale system in the club. As previously communicated, all members who have paid their main...
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