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Visitors most welcome at all tabs in games.
Tabs  close 5 mins before starting time.
Coaching available by appointment. Contact Roger Hutchinson 071 602 3449.
Friday: 4pm  - Practice bowls.
Saturday 2pm: Separate Bowls- tabs in, Bowls Dress.
Sunday 9.15am: Separate Bowls- tabs in, casual dress.
Tab Duty:P. Tiltmann and Des Warner . If you are unable to do your duty it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
Monday: 9am; Mixed bowls, tabs in. Casual Dress
Tuesday: 9am: Mixed Trips - Tabs in, Casual Dress.
Competitions: Sat 2pm Mixed Pairs: J. O'Kennedy/J. Spoelstra v R. and J. Misselhorn.
D. Warner/B. Taylor v G. and J. Levy, V. and I. Murray v J. Etcheverry/N. Warner, 
Mon 9am: L and G Martin v D and L Morrison, D. Knock/R. Johnston v M. Jarman/J. Bursey.
Scratch rule will apply.
List is on the board for Port Alfred triangular tournament 4-6 November.
Competition Secretaries - Viv Murray (ladies) 0847638616 and Dale Warner (men) 0824348695