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The renovation of the old boys greens has been a long painful but well
worth it experience and there are 3 people who headed up this
operation who need to be mentioned .
Firstly the president who wanted the best greens in EL and Roger and
Glen (Aka the chuck norris of green grass).
These 3 guys bravely shut down greens and took major criticism for
many months but never buckled and stuck to there guns.
Today with the help of many, Old Boys has the cleanest and most
competitive 2 greens in the town .A new verticutter mower and well
train greens keeper make the grass at old boys the best treated and
cared for green in town.
The Bowls managing members have also this year decided to put up some
green led eco friendly flood lights on the top rink ,this forward
thinking take the lead attitude is what should hopefully bring more
people to bowls and guarantee bowls is played at old boys for many more
years. Thanks to all who played a roll in this and to Mike Stone for
his professional ability to get the job done.